Legacy to Agile: A Case Study in Data Innovation at UC Investments

Driving Change at a $125 Billion Pension and Endowment

Rapid transformation within a large institutional investor is complex and some believe unattainable.

Two organizations came together to prove otherwise. Together, they were able to transition from legacy technologies that suited the past to a more holistic and agile platform, powered by Solovis, that will meet current and future demands of managing a $125 billion pension and endowment.

This paper presents key learnings, insights and fundamental considerations that other asset allocators can benefit from as both inspiration and justification for undertaking a technology, data and process transformation journey.

Concepts covered in this paper include:

  • How internal stakeholders must collectively recognize and gain consensus that the status quo is hindering growth and achievement of the organizational mission.
  • How and why current industry solutions fall short, including those in three categories: service providers with a technology layer, accounting platforms and performance systems.
  • True innovation requires a revolutionary perspective, one that isn’t just a modified version of past mistakes. It must align people, business processes and technology.
  • Innovation can be achieved relatively quickly, even within the largest institutions.



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