Get Lean in 2019

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy in Quarterly Reporting

Is your operations team bogged down spending an excessive amount of time every quarter collecting and aggregating critical investment data and manipulating it into usable reports? Does your investment team feel the weight of making critical investment decisions using portfolio information they don’t necessarily trust?

These challenges are common among asset allocators and put a heavy burden on small teams. Your time should be spent focused on high-value analysis – not dreading quarterly reporting.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Streamline Investment Operations and Reduce Frustration with Our Get Lean in 2019 Program

We've sat in your seat and wished there was a better way, so we built it. Our Get Lean in 2019 program is packed full of tools to help you streamline quarterly reporting, improve data accuracy and enable your overburdened team to focus on bigger and better things.

We've taken our years of industry knowledge in the limited partner community and developed complimentary research, checklists and assessments to help you trim down inefficiencies and strengthen and empower your operations and investment teams.


Building a Business Case for a Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management Platform



2019 Checklist for Asset Owners and Allocators




Get a Complimentary Assessment of your Data Aggregation, Portfolio Reporting and Analytics Processes

Ditch the Status Quo and Get Lean in 2019

The Solovis multi-asset class portfolio management platform automates data aggregation, accelerates reporting and delivers powerful analytics so you can take complete control over your investment world. Giving you the time, tools and insights to focus on what matters most — making the most strategic investment decisions based on accurate, trustworthy data.

Streamline Data Collection and Aggregation

Automate and transform how you collect and aggregate complex multi-asset class investment data — including private equity, hedge funds, real estate and other alternative investments — across multiple sources and formats.

Strengthen Your Reporting and Analytics

Eliminate the headache of data manipulation and dramatically decrease time and resources dedicated to compiling, analyzing and creating portfolio reports and board books — often reducing it from weeks to hours.

Gain Faster Insights for Better Decisions

Turn trustworthy data into actionable insights. Easily evaluate, model and predict future performance, liquidity and risk across your multi-asset class portfolio over a long-term horizon to make smarter, more informed investment decisions.

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